Š Frederik Federmayer 2001
The growing interest of the public in heraldry is manifested also by seeking the coats-of-arms our ancestors used in the past. In the Hungarian Kingdom heraldic tokens were owned by aristocracy, yeomen, church dignitaries, burghers, craftsmen, intelligentsia and even wealthy farmers. This fact has not been widely known so far. Many 
of the researchers then finding out that they are not of noble birth, resign their research or they have an entirely new coat-of-arms created. Although they succeed in gaining an impressive new heraldic formation the formal appearance of which looks like coming from the Middle Ages, however, it does not represent any links to their family. It can happen, what is not rare, that later on, doing further genealogical research in their family, they succeed in finding their ancestor´s seal bearing quite a different coat-of-arms.
Similarly, the researchers whose ancestors were nobilitated are often satisfied with the depicting of their family coats-of-arms as they are found in some of earlier heraldic encyclopaedias. The noble heraldry of our ancestors was, however, very lively. In the course of centuries the families initiatively modified the appearance of their coats-of-arms. Not only to meet the artistic taste of the period but mainly to express several turning points in the development of their families. The coats-of-arms reflected the family members´ climbing to a higher social position, various employments of theirs, ranks, positions and not least dividing the family into particular branches. While members of the family, although consanguineous relatives, lived for several generations separately in various parts of the country, such a fact almost ever found its reflection in the contents of their coats-of-arms. This gave rise to different variants of particular noble families´coats-of-arms and each of them belonged to a particular branch of the family. Research into these noble coats-of-arms variants from Slovakia is just at its beginnings, so far published were mostly just incidental discoveries of seals without wider source investigations. The researchers who want to become acquainted more seriously with a precise appearance of their ancestors´coat-of-arms are therefore forced to do their own , often time-consuming heraldic and sfragistic research.
The presented heraldic seals collection is to help just those researchers who seek the coat-of-arms of a particular family or an individual. It comprises more than 35,000 units (seals) from the years 1400 to 1918. It files and summarizes seals taken from contemporary original documents that are located today in the archives in Slovakia as well as neighbouring countries. To each seal the name of owner, the year and the place of impression is filed as well as the call numberof the archives´location of the document where the seal was found.
Because of space reasons we publish here just a basic index to family names. Each family name hides several names of its bearers and each person represents a particular seal. Under the heading „Bacskády“, e.g., the following seals are filed:

Thurzo Stanislaus
Duchon Nicolaus
Erdödy Gabriel
The collection is being gradually completed. More information available at the address:

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Chalupka, Chazár, Chieössy, Chilko, Chinorányi, Chlewény, Chlivényi, Chmelius, Chochull, Chrastel, Chrenyóczy, Christóffy, Chythe


Iglshauer, Iglshofer, Ihrnberger, Ilgo, Illempeck, Illesinus, Illéssy, Illevay, Illin, Illisch, Illmer, Illós, Illyés, Illyésházy, Illyéssy, Imblinger, Imely, Imre, Imrech, Inczedy, Inkey, Institoris, Instibus, Ipolthfy, Irrenfrid, Ischhoffer, Isold, Istvánffy, Istvánovics, Istwanics, Ivák, Iván, Iváncsics, Iváncsy, Ivanics, Ivánka, Ivanóczy, Ivány, Iványos, Ivatsch, Ivicsics, Ivocs, Izakovics


Jablánczy, Jabloniczky, Jacoby, Jacskovics, Jacskovszky, Jaczkovich, Jagasich, Jajczay, Jakabfalui, Jakabfalvay, Jakabovics, Jakách, Jakasich, Jaklin, Jaklitsch, Jakóffy, Jakosich, Jakussich, Jalkóczy, Jamborszky, Jambrekovics, Janács, Janák, Janaur, Jancovicius, Jancsó, Jancsovics, Janeczka, Janius, Janko, Jankovics, Jankovich, Jankura, Jánoky, Jánossy, Janovicz, Jarábek, Jari, Jaross, Jaszlóczy, Jaszovics, Jaszvitz, Jászy, Jauriensis, Javorka, Jazerniczky, Jazkay, Jädel, Jäger, Jägermayr, Jäncke, Jedlicska, Jedlicskay, Jelenek, Jelenffy, Jelenik, Jeleny, Jelsich, Jenisch, Jentsch, Jeroczky, Jeszenák, Jeszenovszky, Jeszenszky, Jeviczky, Jezerniczky, Jeziny, Jezsovics, Jiskra, Joachim, Jób, Jobst, Jókay, Jonás, Jönner, Joo, Joob - Fancsaly, Jora, Jordanics, Jordanszky, Jorry, Josa, Josika, Joza, Joziny, Jugovits, Juhász, Jucha, Jukopovich, Jurenák, Jurovich, Justh, Jutthay


Kabzan, Kácser, Kácserius, Kacskovics, Kaczor, Kada, Kádas, Kadeczky, Kaill, Kainwaldt, Kajaly, Kajdácsy, Kakas, Kakónyi, Kákosy, Kalanday, Káldy, Kalinka, Kalisch, Kalmán, Kalmánczay, Kálmandy, Kalmár,  Kálnay, Kalóczy, Kaltendorffer, Kamanházy,  Kamarássy, Kamerer, Kamerzell, Kamin, Kamocsay,  Kampel, Kamper, Kando, Kanicsár, Kanovics, Kantor, Kanya, Kapes, Kapfer, Käpler, Kapolnay, Kapornaky, Kapra, Kaprinay, Kapronczay, Kapry, Kapuczy, Kapuváry, Kapy, Karácsonyi, Karas, Kárász, Kardin, Kardos, Karkoványi, Karner, Karóly, Karrer, Kary, Kasa, Kasnik, Kassay, Kaszás, Kaszay, Kaszonyi, Kasztenhoffer, Katanóczy, Katay, Katicz, Katona, Katzenstein, Kauffmon, Kauschek, Kaviczky, Kawka, Kayser, Kazay, Kazianer, Kazinczy, Kaziwoda, Kazy, Kebell, Kecskeméthy, Kecskés, Keczer, Keery, Kegel, Keglevich, Kék, Kelcz, Kelderer, Kelecsényi, Kelemen, Keler, Kelko, Keller, Kellio, Kemenczey, Kemendy, Kemény, Kemeter, Kemetinger, Kemley, Kemp, Kempe, Kempelen, Kempfen, Kempius, Kende, Kendray, Kenessey, Keotheny, Keppler, Kerecsényi, Kerek, Kerekes, Kereskényi, Keresztes, Kereszthúry, Kerchy, Kern, Kerner, Kersák, Kersnarich, Kertész, Kertészy, Kery, Kesmárky, Kessler, Keszler, Keszlornicz, Készy, Keviczky, Kewesy, Khaininger, Khan, Khenerics, Khiesman, Khlem, Khögl, Kholmar, Khrabath, Khuen, Kiberger, Kiblin, Kieburger, Kieffel, Kierhoff, Kifer, Kilgerus, Kilián, Kilman, Kincse, Kincsy, Kinigh, Király, Kirchmayr, Kirchstetter, Kirchweger, Kiris, Kisdy, Kisfaludy, Kisgróff, Kisling, Kislonyiky, Kiss, Kissczewniczei, Kissevich, Kisvárday, Kiszely, Kithonich, Kizing, Klacsanszky, Klatowsky, Klaus, Kleber, Kleberberg, Klebloth, Klee, Klein, Kleinrath, Klemenovicz, Klement, Klempay, Klenovics, Klesch, Klescsinszky, Klestyinszky, Kliber, Klieber, Klimacsek, Klimo, Kling, Klobucsiczky, Klobusiczky, Klokhomer, Kloss, Klössel, Klosterman, Klubnik, Klucsay, Klucsoy, Klug, Kmetovínyi, Kmetyko, Kmosko, Knaiffel, Knapp, Knecht, Knezovics, Knitler, Knoblach, Knogler, Knopfel, Knöpfler, Kobinger, Kobitz, Köbl, Kobssa, Kocsóczy, Koczian, Koczok, Koffelsberger, Koffratsek, Kögl, Köglmülner, Kohányi, Kohlman, Kohut, Kohrefüerer, Koch, Kochanovszky, Kochmanovics, Kochmeister, Kókay, Kolány, Kolár, Kolaróczy, Kolecsányi, Koleda, Kolchics, Kolinovics, Kölkedy, Koll, Kollbet, Kolleis, Kollenics, Koller, Kollman, Kollonich, Kolonyay, Kolos, Kolosváry, Kolz, Komáromy, Komornyik, Kompanics, Komzik, Koncsek, Köczöl, Konde, Könes, Konkoly, Konrad, Kontel, Kontner, Kónya, Konyafalvay, Koohman, Koos, Kopcsány, Kopeczky, Kopelka, Koperger, Kopffmiller, Koprivcsics, Koprivniczky, Korbay, Korbich, Korbler, Korlát, Korláth, Korláthköwy, Korlatovics, Körmendy, Kornely, Kornis, Kornthauer, Koroda, Korodinyi, Korody, Koromházy, Korompay, Koron, Koronides, Koronthály, Köröskényi, Korossy, Körösy, Korothnoky, Korpassy, Korponay, Korter, Körtvelyessy, Koselerus, Kosiba, Kosovics, Kossela, Kossik, Kossovich, Kossuth, Kosteleczky, Kostka, Kostyál, Kostyan, Kostyány, Köszeghy, Kosztka, Kosztholányi, Kotass, Kotesowsky, Kottek, Köttner, Kotucz, Kötzler, Kovács, Kovacsics, Kovacsóczy, Kovacsovszky, Kovácsy, Köver, Kövesdy, Kövy, Koysch, Kozák, Kozár, Kozáry, Kozesnik, Kozitza, Kozma, Kozusnik, Kracsún, Kraczun, Krafft, Kraibig, Kraiczovicz, Krajcsovics, Krakovitzer, Kralicz, Králik, Královics, Krammer, Kranz, Kranzagll, Kranzmayer, Krascsenics, Kastan, Krasznay, Krasznecz, Kratochvíla, Kratschmayer, Kraty, Kraus, Krauth, Krautman, Krayczir, Krcsmar, Krebs, Kregar, Krecháts, Krechnyák, Kreitzer, Kremer, Kremezer, Krempel, Krencsey, Krepelka, Kreskay, Kresmar, Kresneritz, Kreuzman, Kreyczer, Krchnyak, Krieg, Krisan, Kriss, Kristelly, Kristóffy, Kriszt, Kriwak, Krizanszky, Krizsány, Krobath, Kroh, Kromholcz, Krönyall, Kropácz, Krottendorffer, Krpachy, Krsák, Krsko,  Krumplmayer, Krulovics, Kruplanics, Krus, Kruspier, Krywa, Kubányi, Kubicza, Kubiczky, Kubínyi, Kubínszky,  Kubóczy,  Kubovics,  Kubriczky,  Kuczera,  Kudlík,  Küemayr,  Kuen,  Kuchenpeck, Kuchinka, Kuklenics, Kulás, Kulcsár, Kuldan, Kulhánek, Kullifay, Kulmair, Kümel, Kún, Kunics, Kunitsch, Kunn, Kunrád, Kunstman, Kupezowicz, Kupp, Kupper, Kurbély, Kürthy, Kürtossy, Kuskóczy, Kusman, Kusmics, Kussanics, Küszegy, Küszöghy, Kutassy, Kuthassy, Kúthy, Kütner, Kutny, Kutsera, Kütsey, Kutzer, Kuzma, Kvassay, Kvassovszky, Kwassay, Kylman


Laabás, Labády, Laboda, Labossy, Labsanszky, Lackhner, Lacsny, Láczay, Laczko, Laczkovics, Ladamér, Ladányi, Ladislaides, Ladomerszky, Laich, Lakátsgyartó, Lakeman, Laky, Lamarre, Lampel, Lamperzegll, Lanalovics, Lancsarics, Lancsáry, Lanczmar, Landich, Landovics, Landskroner, Lang, Langer, Lankisch, Lányi, Lapispataky, Larrits, Laskan, Laskár, Lasky, Lasseber, Laszkár, Lászloffy, Laszlovszky, Lasztóczy, Latkóczy, Latkowsky, Latzko, Lauffer, Lauffner, Laurenty, Lauro, Lauser, Lavin, Lavotta, Lazár, Lazarus, Lazitius, Lazy, Ledeniczy, Leeb, Legrády, Lehen, Lehener, Lehner, Lehotszky, Lecher, Leisser, Leith, Lelkes, Lelovics, Lembach, Lemmer, Lendéczy, Lendl, Lendvay, Lengyel, Lenkey, Lennersperg, Lenthy, Lentulay, Leopold, Leövey, Lépes, Lepiny, Leseniczy, Leszenyei, Leszkovszky, Lethenyei, Leütner, Lévay, Lexa, Ley, Leybnitz, Leych, Leyrer, Libercsey, Liblanner, Liebenberg, Liebergott, Liebhaber, Liebhardt, Liebischer, Liebl,  Liechtenberger, Liechschier, Lienpacher, Lieszkovszky, Lilg, Liliom, Lindamari, Lindeman, Linder, Lindovszky, Lindter, Lindtner, Lindvay, Lingl, Lipcsey, Lipoldt, Lipovniczky, Lipovszky, Lippay, Lippich, Lipszky, Liptay, Lipthay, Lissinovics, Lisska, Lissovínyi, Liszay, Liszthy, Litassy, Litterati, Littway, Litzner, Lobkowitz, Löbll, Loboda, Loderer, Löffler, Logau, Lohrer, Lochman, Lokcsanszky, Lokinger, Lökös, Lölkös, Lonczkroner, Longo, Lonszky, Lonyay, Lorant, Lorantffy, Lorberer, Lorety, Lörinczffy, Lörinczy, Losenstein, Losgruber, Losonczy, Lossko, Lósy, Lovás, Lovcsányi, Loviskovicz, Loy, Lubeticz, Lubik, Luby, Lucae, Lucsanszky, Ludwig, Ludwigsdorf, Lueger, Lugossy, Luka, Lukács, Lukácsik, Lukácsy, Lukaviczky, Lukinich, Lukner, Lukovich, Lumnitzer, Luntzer, Luttenberger, Lutzenkirchen, Luzaenus, Luzenszky, Lyra


Mack, Macripodary, Maczák, Maczedóniay, Maczeovich, Maczko, Maczkovich, Macznuleiter, Maczonkay, Maczovich, Maczunda, Madacsánszky, Madách, Madarassy, Madarasz, Maday, Máder, Mädl, Madocsányi, Magass, Magassy, Mager, Magdeburger, Magnus, Magocsy, Magovich, Magyari, Mähel, Mahlern, Maholányi, Mahr, Machan, Machilles, Machmayer, Maier, Maierhoffer, Maigin, Mainsell, Mair, Majerszky, Majláth, Majler, Majsch, Majtány, Majthényi, Makay, Makfalvai, Makláry, Makovini, Makowy, Malatinszky, Maletinszky, Maletta, Malik, Malitz, Maller, Mállyo, Malonyay, Malovecz, Maloveczky, Manák, Manáky, Mandl, Manglburger, Manhardt, Manigaty, Manngoldt, Mantler, Manyák, Marcus, Marczalthöwy, Marczell, Marczibányi, Marcziss, Maréky, Maretich, Márffy, Margalics, Margavitsch, Marcha, Mariássy, Marich, Marikovszky, Maringer, Marjássy, Markasowitz, Markházy, Markhot, Marko, Markos, Markovics, Markoviczky, Markus, Markusovics, Marlianus, Marlok, Marmo, Maron, Márossy, Maróthy, Maróti, Marsinay, Marso, Marsovszky, Martényi, Marthius, Martin, Martinecz, Martinka, Martinkovics, Martiny, Márton, Mártonfalvay, Mártonffy, Mártony, Maschka, Maschko, Masman, Mastihlávek, Maszny, Matalics, Matéffy, Matejovics, Mateovics, Maternus, Math, Mathai, Matheiser, Mathesender, Mathési, Mathiásy, Matics, Matis, Matkovics, Mattitsch, Mattle, Mattkovich, Mattyás, Mattyásovszky, Matulány, Matulay, Matulovics, Matusek, Matzer, Matzner, Maurach, Maurer, Mauritz, Maurovics, Mausperger, Mauthner, Mavics, Maxendl, Maxin, May, Mayczen, Mayder, Mayer, Mayerhoffer, Mayern, Mayr, Mazár, Mazúr, Mecséry, Mednyánszky, Medovar, Medveczky, Meerwald, Meger, Megyer, Megyery,  Mehés,  Mehl, Meiczell, Meichsner, Meilandt, Meixner, Mekchei,  Melcsiczky,  Melczer, Melchord, Melioris, Meliss, Melko, Melleghy, Mellith, Mengesreiter, Mentler, Menzell, Mercator, Mercz, Mérey, Meritzai, Mersan, Merse, Mersch, Meserits, Mesko, Messerer, Messerischer, Messin, Mestery, Meszarics, Meszarovics, Meszáros, Meszéna, Metth, Metzner, Meznyánszky, Mezölaky, Mialovics, Mickisch, Mierka, Mihalik, Mihalovicz, Mihály, Mihálffy, Mihalyko, Michalovics, Michel, Mike, Mikes, Mikinszky, Mikley, Miklósffy, Miklósovics, Miko, Mikoss, Mikovínyi, Miksich, Mikullich, Mikulovics, Miletinszky, Miletzky, Milko, Milkovics, Millechner, Miller, Miloykovich, Mindszenthy, Mischko, Miskey, Miskóczy, Miskolczy, Miskovich, Missich, Misthomer, Miszleniczky, Mitelovics, Miticzky, Mitis, Mitisz, Mitosevics, Mitosinka, Mladeczky, Mlinarics, Mobály, Mocsáry, Moczko, Moderdorfy, Moderer, Mödinger, Modorowsky, Modrovich, Mogyoroly, Mohoss, Moizes, Mokcsay, Mokczay, Mokoss, Mokossíny, Molarth, Molitor, Moll, Moller, Mollik, Molnár, Monich, Monkovics, Monoszloy, Montschko, Morahl, Morász, More, Morenbesser, Móricz, Moritzky, Moritzschein, Moro, Morócz, Morpeck, Mórvay, Móry, Moser, Mosch, Mossóczy, Mossoni, Moszticzky, Motesiczky, Moticzka, Motony, Mottko, Mottsch, Motúsz, Mozkor, Mravik, Mráz, Mrsel, Mudarellus, Mudich, Mudrányi, Mühlberger, Muhoray, Muhr, Mulinovics, Müller, Multerer, Mültz, Mun, Munck, Münichmayr, Munkácsy, Muraközy, Murány, Muray, Musay, Muscan, Muslay, Múszka, Muszkva, Mutnyánszky, Muzik


Nadányi, Nádasdy, Nádassy, Naghsczewniczei, Naghjesenni, Nagl, Nagy, Nagymihály, Nagyvathy, Nachtrab, Najmár, Najstetter, Nambschiller, Naményi, Nancovitius, Nándory, Nandrovics, Náray, Naszvady, Náthly, Natter, Návay, Navrátil, Nayman, Neander, Nécsey, Neff, Nefftzern, Negro, Nell, Nemák, Nemanicz, Nemberger, Nemczowich, Nemeczek, Némes, Némesbaky, Nemessányi, Némessy, Némesszeghy, Németh, Némethy, Nemsovay, Neogrády, Neományi, Neppel, Neradovics, Nestlberger, Neszméry, Nettel, Neuhold, Neupauer, Neures, Neüseller, Neüstetter, Nevédy, Nevéry, Nezbud, Nicolay, Niczky, Nidermair, Niedermayer, Nigel, Nigrini, Nikora, Nisi, Nitsch, Nittray, Nizsnyánszky, Noffry, Nogell, Nokher, Norderman, Nosticius, Noszlopy, Nottlits, Novack, Nováczy, Novák, Nováky, Novavilla, Novotha, Nowak, Nozdrokóczy, Nozdroviczky, Nunhard, Nunkovics, Nuoska, Nuspaum, Nussbacher, Nussbaumer, Nyadraky, Nyárady, Nyarinszky, Nyáry, Nyék, Nyéky, Nyereghgyarthó, Nyilas, Nyittray, Nyulassy


Obenrauch, Oberhauser, Oblazowsky, Obrist, Obuczowsky, Ocskay, Ocsovay, Odenhaupt, Odler, Odor, Oexler, Offner, Ochs, Okolicsányi, Okrutszky, Oláh, Olasz, Olgyay, Olischer, Ollé, Ölmaus, O´maden, Omasztha, Ondódy, Ondray, Ondreikovics, Ondrejovics, Ondruss, O´nelly, Onory, Oppaka, Oppersdorf, Orbán, Orczy, Ordódy, Orehóczy, Orehovszky, Orlay, Orlik, Orlovics, Ormándy, Ormánközy, Ormány, Ornay, Orosy, Orosz, Oroszlány, Orosztony, Országh, Öry, Ossetzky, Ossinger, Ostarics, Ostrog, Ostrovsky, Osvald, Oswaldóczy, Osztroluczky, Osztrosich, Osztrozaczky, Otocska, Ott, Ottaucius, Ottlík, Ötves, Ováry


Paar, Paczalay, Paczolay, Paczoth, Pagyerowsky, Pahy, Pacher, Pachswel, Pair, Pajor, Pakay, Palamida, Palási, Palásthy, Palaticz, Pálfalvay, Pálffy, Pális, Palkovits, Paller, Palles, Pallman, Pallo, Palocsay, Palojtay, Palovics, Palugyay, Palumbini, Paluska, Palyo, Pamer, Pamhackel, Pamhauser, Pangräz, Panithy, Pannkius, Pannonus, Panthaleon, Pantz, Panzoldy, Pap, Papánek, Pápay, Pápess, Papóczy, Papp, Parády, Paraminzky, Paravicini, Parbenhauser, Parbing, Parcher, Parishazy, Parizowsky, Parlay, Párniczky, Paroj, Parony, Parray, Parschitius, Part, Partinger, Partzemayr, Paruczay, Parzmayr, Pässler, Pászthoy, Pásztorovics, Pásztory, Patachich, Pataky, Páthy, Patonay, Patoprstý, Pattantsy, Pattoj, Patvaróczy, Patzer, Pauer, Paukovics, Paulecz, Paulesicz, Paulini, Paulovics, Pauly, Pauman, Pavelka, Pavlík, Paxy, Payer, Paysgyartó, Paysiartó, Pázmán, Pázmány, Pazsiczky, Peck, Pécsy, Péczy, Peechi, Pechman, Péchy, Peigel, Peindl, Pekker, Peklyanszky, Pekry, Pelargus, Pellerdy, Pellíny, Pempflinger, Penthe, Peöcz, Perburger, Perczel, Perczl, Peregi, Perekedy, Perényi, Pereszlény, Pereszteghy, Perger, Pergmayr, Peringer, Perliczy, Permay, Perneki, Perneszy, Pernfuss, Pernschopff, Persich, Pertinger, Pervan, Pess, Pestalózzi, Pestenhoffer, Pesthy, Pestvármegyey, Petenady, Petenyey, Petényi, Peter, Péterffy, Pethe, Petheffy, Petheö, Pethrowiczi, Petko, Petöcz, Petók, Petrák, Petransky, Petrasch, Petrasko, Petráss, Petray, Petrensis, Petrewczy, Petricsevich, Petrik, Petrikovics, Petritsch, Petróczy, Petröczy, Petrok, Petrovics, Petrovitius, Pettauer, Pettény, Pettes, Pettko, Pettron, Petulovics, Petyko, Peükher, Peverelli, Pexa, Peyerl, Peyr, Pfancz, Pfanschmidt, Pfauenschwantz, Pfefferhoven, Pfeiffer, Pffafstetter, Pffaureutter, Pfisser, Pfister, Philo, Piacsek, Piatko, Pierstl, Piesch, Pietkovich, Pietsch, Pigethy, Pichler, Pikuly, Pilárik, Pilgram, Pilhoffer, Piller, Pinczes, Pinelly, Pinka, Pinnyey, Pintarz, Pinter, Pinteri, Pinterius, Pirgler, Piringer, Pirt, Piscsanszky, Pischko, Piskovich, Pisky, Pissian, Pistennegger, Pistorius, Pistyanszky, Pittinger, Pivonyka, Plachy, Planck, Plankenauer, Plankner, Plass, Platenik, Plathy, Plazer, Pleget, Plech, Plesmanus, Pletrich, Plintowitz, Plob, Plonics, Plovery, Pluczinszky, Pöckh, Pocza, Poczuch, Póda, Podgaycsich, Podhoranszky, Podhradszky, Podhragyay, Podlusányi, Podmaniczky, Podstatszky, Pogány, Pöger, Pogner, Pognhauser, Pográny, Pohárdy, Pohl, Pochacha, Póchy, Pointel, Pokabello, Poky, Polányi, Polczhuber, Polenbaum, Polereczky, Poliáni, Pollack, Polónyi, Poltzman, Polumbsky, Polusaj, Polyák, Pominovszky, Pomsar, Pongrácz, Pontel, Poor, Poosch, Popp, Poretino, Portitotis, Porubcsanszky, Porubszky, Posár, Posgay, Posch, Posonyi, Pöthe, Potoczky, Pottornyay, Pottyondy, Pötzl, Povolny, Pozner, Prachary, Prainer, Prandorffer, Prandstetter, Prandtel, Prantl, Praschma, Pratorius, Prattinger, Praumsman, Praün, Prauneisen, Pravoticzky, Praznóczy, Praznovszky, Prämmer, Precsinszky, Predanóczy, Predmerszky, Prein, Preiner, Preisinger, Preiss, Preitsch, Prekopay, Prellenkircher, Prellnsteiner, Prenner, Prestyeranszky, Prettenhoffer, Preu, Preyer, Pribila, Pribiss, Priborszky, Prieleszky, Priettenstiel, Prikkel, Príleszky, Prim, Primosich, Prinzler, Prínyi, Priwitzer, Prodpeck, Prohaszka, Prokh, Prokopovitsch, Prónay, Pruckner, Pruggner, Prunner, Prunnhoffer, Prúnyi, Pruskovsky, Pruszkay, Pruzsinszky, Pucz, Puercheker, Puetsch, Pühler, Puchaim, Puchner, Puchovszky, Pulyay, Pura, Purczpiller, Purman, Puskadia, Puskár, Püspöky, Putanich, Pütz, Pyber, Pylleres, Pyro, Pyry, Pysky, Pyspek


Questenberg, Quirini


Raab, Rabbi, Rabcsanszky, Rabcsek, Rácsay, Rácz, Ráday, Radetius, Radicis, Radics, Radler, Radóczy, Radolffy, Radolt, Radosinszky, Radostics, Radovany, Radovics, Raduch, Radvan, Radvanszky, Rady, Radymóczy, Raffay, Ragadics, Raidendorffer, Raidt, Raim, Raimgartner, Rainer, Rainhardt, Raisz, Rajcsan, Rajcsányi, Rajchert, Rajner, Rákoczy, Rakolubszky, Rakoviczky, Rakovszky, Raksanszky, Raksányi, Ramiger, Rammer, Ramocsay, Ramsdorff, Ramsdorffer, Raphanides, Rappach, Rassovszky, Rassoy, Rast, Rastler, Rasztóczky, Ráth, Rathonyi, Rathpauer, Ratiborenus, Ratkay, Ratkovszky, Rattmar, Rauber, Rauscher, Rautenhof, Ravasz, Ray, Raycsich, Rayczy, Rayd, Rayger, Raykovics, Raymanus, Raysperger, Razgha, Razynyay, Rädl, Rebhann, Reck, Récsey, Recsiczky, Recsky, Rédeky, Reeh, Regins, Rehlinus, Rechleder, Reich, Reichardt, Reichel, Reicheneker, Reichenthaller, Reicherd, Reichersdorffer, Reim, Reingruber, Reinprecht, Reisacher, Reisinger, Reissner, Reiss, Reith, Reitter, Relluseen, Rembeczky, Remenius, Renersdorffer, Renner, Repássy, Repeczky, Resch, Resö-Ensel, Réthey, Reussius, Reütter, Révay, Revész, Reviczky, Rewitsky, Rexa, Réz, Rezeny, Reziky, Rezler, Rhedáry, Rhedey, Rhein, Rheinlehner, Rhódy, Rhorer, Ribensis, Ribenszky, Ribjanszky, Ribonics, Riczanszky, Ridelius, Riedel, Rieder, Rieger, Riernhammer, Riess, Riessenperger, Rietschan, Riger, Rigler, Rigo, Richardt, Richter,  Richthausen, Richwaldszky, Rimanóczy, Rimaszombathy, Rimay, Ring, Riser, Riss, Ritthaler, Ritzinger, Riva, Robik, Rodek, Roggendorf, Rogos, Rogosz, Rokittay, Rokkawy, Roland, Roll, Roman, Römer, Romhányi, Römisch, Rorauer, Rorer, Rosa, Rosanitsch, Rosbeutner, Roscius, Rosenauer, Rosenberger, Rosenkranz, Rosenman, Roscher, Rosinszky, Rösler, Rosner, Roson, Rosos, Rossbeütner, Rost, Rosty, Roswürger, Rotarides, Roth, Rottal, Rotteichs, Rotteiser, Rotten, Rötth, Rötthe, Röttner, Rovnay, Rowos, Roxer, Rozatius, Rudersdorffer, Rudinai, Rudloff, Rudnay, Rudnyák, Rudnyánszky, Ruglmayr, Ruchanych, Ruland, Rumer, Rumi, Rumy, Rupper, Ruprecht, Rurbaczky, Rusa, Rüsseüger, Ruttkay, Ruzsicska, Ryby


Saapy, Saara, Saarossy, Saary, Sabatha, Sabbatin, Sabisch, Saffarics, Sághy, Sägl, Ságody, Saibeldor, Saiberlich, Saigho, Sainovics, Saladinus, Salamon, Salczer, Salczinger, Salgay, Salix, Sallay, Saller, Salm, Samaransky, Sambokréthy, Sámboky, Samoel, Samsondi, Sanctgeorgen, Sándor, Sándorffy, Sántha, Sarkan, Sárkány, Sarközy, Sarlay, Sarmasághy, Sarnóczay, Sárossy, Sartoris, Sartorius, Sarváry, Sass, Sassinszky, Sassínyi, Sattler, Sauer, Sauerberg, Sauerzapff, Sauska, Sausser, Saygho, Scultéthy, Sczur, Sebestyén, Sebök, Securius, Sedlmayer, Seedorffer, Seelacher, Seelovics, Seeman, Segner, Segnyey, Seidendorffer, Seifriedt, Sekhel, Selezgovics, Sellecz, Sellendorf, Sellyei, Sellyem, Selméczy, Sembery, Semsey, Senker, Senkviczy, Senny, Sennyey, Seppenhauser, Serarius, Serator, Serédy, Serényi, Seréth, Serpilius, Serponte, Séry, Seszták, Setelle, Severis, Sextius, Seycz, Seydelius, Seydl, Seydter, Seythery, Seytzen, Seywaldt, Shemdl, Schad, Schaff, Schaffar, Schäffer, Schaffgutsch, Schaffler, Schaffner, Schachner, Schall, Schalla, Schanda, Schares, Scharff, Schares, Scharitzer, Scharsan, Schätzl, Schatzman, Schauffler, Schaundorffer, Schavniczky, Schäffer, Schärer, Schedius, Scheffcsik, Schechl, Scheichel, Schein, Schell, Schellendorf, Scheller, Schelz, Schemberger, Schermer, Scherndam, Schertz, Schevtschik, Scheybler, Schick, Schickenreütter, Schier, Schifferer, Schiller, Schilling, Schilron, Schiltzberger, Schimpff, Schindler, Schinker, Schirer, Schirmer, Schissler, Schlachta, Schlösinger, Schlossberg, Schlosser, Schmasser, Schmaus, Schmelczer, Schmid, Schmidegg, Schmidel, Schmidt, Schmidtauer, Schmugger, Schnabl, Schneckenfuchs, Schneckenhaus, Schneider, Schnell, Schnesser, Schnester, Schneweiss, Schober, Schödel, Schoder, Schödl, Scholbert, Scholl, Scholler, Scholtz, Schömberger, Schön, Schönauer, Schönebek, Schönsteiner, Schönweis, Schöpffel, Schöttl, Schrader, Schreiber, Schreiner, Schreivogel, Schrembser, Schrimpf, Schrodt, Schrong, Schrotter, Schrotl, Schubert, Schuester, Schuller, Schulter, Schultess, Schultz, Schumann, Schumichrast, Schuny, Schupfner, Schuppazing, Schurman, Schus, Schuster, Schütz, Schützenberger, Schwab, Schwach, Schwaiger, Schwar, Schwardelatus, Schwartz, Schwartzel, Schwarzenberg, Schweller, Schwenck, Schweninger, Schwentter, Schwertinger, Schwertner, Sibrik, Sidó, Sidöhei, Siebenburger, Siebenhünner, Sieber, Siebich, Sigárdy, Sigler, Sigmond, Sigmund, Sigray, Sigst, Silaveczky, Simetl, Simman, Simon, Simoncsics, Simonffy, Simonides, Simonovics, Simonyi, Simovicz, Sindenigg, Singer, Singhoffer, Sinka, Sinkovics, Sipeky, Sirchich, Sirmiensis, Siskovics, Sissay, Sistricius, Sixtius, Skarbala, Skaricza, Skarka, Skerlecz, Skraba, Slaski, Slegel, Sleger, Slipperger, Sliskovics, Sliwon, Sloboda, Slovenichy, Smidt, Smiedely, Smiskovics, Sober, Sockh, Södlnreich, Söllner, Solnay, Sommer, Sommerkorn, Sommersdorffer, Somody, Somogyi, Sontag, Soos, Soporny, Söpperll, Sorscha, Soth, Sothi, Spacz, Spáczay, Spaits, Span, Spankovics, Spanner, Spány, Spátay, Speiser, Spes, Spicziár, Spiczer, Spiller, Spindler, Spinus, Spissich, Splenius, Splényi, Sponer, Springer, Sprintzenstein, Spuller, Srna, Srnanský, Stadler, Stadlhoffer, Staffenberg, Stachera, Staindorffer, Stainegger, Stainer, Staniger, Stankovics, Starczich, Starglauff, Starkel, Starkenlof, Starsith, Staudinger, Steger, Stegner, Stehenics, Stehr, Steig, Stein, Steiner, Steingruber, Steinhauser, Steinhübel, Steinpeck, Stek, Stella, Stepanovics, Stepanoy, Stephani, Stephanides, Stermenszky, Stetina, Stettner, Steyrer, Sticzel, Stipsicz, Stöckel, Stöckhl, Stockinger, Stockmayer, Stoicsevics, Stölzl, Stoppa, Storcz, Stotzing, Stracz, Stradner, Strakovics, Strampffel, Strasser, Strauss, Strazsay, Strelár, Strelko, Striha, Strobelberger, Strobl, Stromer, Stross, Struszky, Stubenvoll, Stuber, Stubick, Stubnyay, Studer, Studter, Stummer, Stumphius, Stuppanus, Sturm, Sturmius, Stützll, Stvrteczky, Styaszny, Styavniczky, Subányi, Suffan, Sugho, Sujanszky, Süleky, Sülle, Sumbery, Sümecz, Sümeghy, Summer, Sundel, Sunnhamer, Sunnleitner, Supanich, Surányi, Surman, Súry, Suskovich, Sustrik, Susztovics, Sutor, Sutter, Svár, Svella, Svidniczky, Sviskovics, Svitkovich, Svorcz, Swetkowicz, Swetlowsky, Swieching, Syber, Sybrik, Syessel, Sylla, Sylzl, Symandy, Symondy, Syssl, Szabados, Szabady, Szabó, Szadeczky, Szaibely, Szakal, Szakmáry, Szako, Szakolczay, Szákony, Szakstetter, Szaladinus, Szalaky, Szalancsy, Szalatnay, Szalay, Szale, Szalix, Szalmaj, Száloky, Szalonkay, Szantho, Szanthoi, Szapáry, Száráz, Szarkaházy, Szarvas, Szász, Szászy, Száthmáry, Százady, Szecsény, Szécsey, Szecz, Szedelmayr, Szedliczky, Szedmáky, Szegedy, Szegesdy, Szeghy, Széchy, Székely, Székfü, Szekövics, Szeleczky, Szeleczéni, Szelényi, Szelepcsényi, Széles, Szelesényi, Szélessy, Szelke, Szelle, Szemere, Szemethey, Szemethy, Szemey, Szemler, Szempczi, Szenczy, Szendrey, Szendrödy, Szeniczey, Szent, Szentandrássy, Szentbenedeky, Szente, Szentgály, Szentgothardy, Szentgyörgyi, Szenthey, Szentillonay, Szentimrey, Szentiványi, Szentkereszthy, Szentlászlay, Szentmariay, Szentmiklóssy, Szentpály, Szentpétery, Szeökes, Szeöny, Szép, Szépessy, Széplaky, Szerdahely, Szeremley, Széthy, Szevald, Szigethy, Sziglighety, Szikora, Szikszay, Szilágyi, Szilassy, Szillághy, Szillasy, Szillay, Szillessy, Szillosi, Szilly, Szilva, Szilvay, Szily, Szimecz, Szimegh, Szirmay, Szivy, Szkacsányi, Szkalka, Szladovics, Szlatiny, Szlávik, Szlovácsek, Szluha, Szluka, Szmertnik, Szmertniky, Szmetanovics, Szmrecsányi, Szobek, Szobonya, Szoczovszky, Szöcs, Szogulinchich, Szöke, Szokolay, Szokolóczy, Szokolyi, Szolcsányi, Szolcsics, Szolnaky, Szölössy, Szombathely, Szombathy, Szomolányi, Szonoki, Szontágh, Szorád, Szörényi, Szpaal, Sztankay, Sztarinszky, Sztraka, Sztranyay, Sztrianek, Sztrokay, Sztupavszky, Sztupiczky, Szücs, Szucsánszky, Szucsány, Szudóczy, Szúdy, Szuhánek, Szuhányi, Szuhay, Szukup, Szullo, Szüllo, Szülly, Szullyo, Szulyovszky, Szumeray, Szuncsány, Szunyogh, Szvácsik, Szverics, Szvetenyey, Szvitalics, Szvoboda


Taab, Tabrer, Tahy, Tache, Taillnkass, Tajkly, Tajnay, Takács, Takácsy, Talabér, Talagra, Tallián, Tallinger, Tällmayr, Talóssy, Tamasko, Tamaskovics, Tamasovicz, Tamássy, Tanácz, Tanczmülner, Tánczos, Tanka, Tankovics, Tapolcsányi, Tar, Tarczali, Tarczy, Tárdy, Tarkányi, Tarnóczi, Tarnóczy, Tárnoky, Tarnoviner, Tarnovszky, Tarródy, Tary, Taschner, Tátay, Tathay, Tatzgerm, Taubinger, Taüchtman, Taynay, Tebner, Teibler, Tekenyey, Telegdy, Telekessy, Tenck, Tenturich, Teöke, Teöser, Tepffer, Terdini, Terenyey, Terestyéni, Tergovchich, Teriék, Terlanday, Teschiny, Teschl, Tessiny, Tetalovich, Teüber, Teüfenbach, Teüffel, Teuchler, Teutschman, Tevely, Thalhammer, Thaly, Tham, Thamasfalvay, Thamássy, Thamaszich, Thanhausen, Thann, Thapolczay, Thardy, Thausz, Thebery, Thedy, Thetes, Thirnaviensis, Thököly, Tholt, Thoma, Thomaly, Thomas, Thomasch, Thomay, Thomos, Thonauer, Thonda, Thonhauser, Thorani, Thorma, Thulman, Thuranszky, Thurchany, Thurn, Thurnay, Thumbsich, Thuróczy, Thury, Thurzo, Tierfrunck, Tiesenbacher, Tihany, Tilovich, Timon, Tindeli, Tino, Tischer, Titius, Tobias, Tobiáskovics, Todteisen, Töke, Tokody, Tolnay, Tolvay, Tomanóczy, Tomanovich, Tomasith, Tomaskowicz, Tomassovich, Tomcsányi, Tomka, Tomowicz, Tompa, Tomsics, Tonay, Tontyér, Topos, Törek,. Torkos, Tornarius, Tornyos, Török, Toronyi, Toronyossy, Törös, Töszeghy, Tötessy, Tóth, Tóthfalussy, Tötös, Tötössy, Tótprónay, Track, Tranckh, Trajcsik, Trajtler, Trakoviczky, Trapp, Trautmansdorf, Trauttenberg, Tréczy, Treher, Trembl, Trenck, Trenchiny, Tribel, Trickl, Trnóczy, Trobitsch, Trochilat, Trojcsány, Trombitás, Trost, Troyer, Trsztyánszky, Trsztyenszky, Trubacz, Trumauer, Trummer, Tschander, Tschattor, Tschirnhaus, Tschurgo, Tubely, Tuczentháller, Tüdöss, Tuchinszky, Tüköry, Turányi, Turcsány, Turkovich, Turóczi, Turóczy, Túry, Turzo, Tuskher, Tyokos, Tyr, Tysszó, Tyuhos, Tyukody, Tyukos, Tzandel


Übelbacher, Übelhack. Udranszky, Udvardy, Udvarnoky, Udvary, Ugróczy, Ugronovich, Uher, Uhlár, Uhlárik, Uhrik, Ujfalussy, Ujgyöngyi, Ujházy, Ujhely, Ujlaky, Ujváry, Ujvendéghy, Ukmayr, Ulbeck, Ulrich, Unckel, Unger, Ungerhoffer, Ungnad, Ungváry, Unkauff, Urban, Urbanovszky, Urbányi, Ürbéni, Urbínyi, Ürményi, Usaly, User, Usz, Uzeróczy, Uzik, Uzovics


Váczy, Vadassy, Vadász, Vághy, Vagyon, Vahl, Vachott, Vaivoda, Vajda, Vajdaffy, Vajicsko, Vajvoda, Valentini, Valentínyi, Valentovics, Valésio, Valla, Valovics, Vály, Vancsay, Vaniay, Vanics, Vanos, Vánossy, Vanyáky, Várady, Várasdy, Varenpach, Varga, Varjassy, Varjú, Várkonyi, Varnay, Varsányi, Vásárhelyi, Vaskovics, Vass, Vasváry, Vattay, Vatter, Vavrik, Vaymar, Vayvoda, Végh, Velics, Velicsenus, Vencsich, Venier, Verantius, Verbóczy, Verebely, Verebköy, Veres, Vermes, Vernich, Vertészi, Vest, Veszteniczy, Vican, Vicenti, Viczay, Viczen, Vicziány, Vida, Vidafeldi, Vidovich, Vidra, Viechter, Vietorisz, Vignet, Vigyazo, Vincentius, Vinczay, Vincze, Vinczy, Vintentius, Vintner, Virágh, Viravay, Visa, Visky, Visnay, Visnyánszky, Visnyovszky, Visser, Vistoky, Viszlay, Viszocsányi, Vitál, Vitális, Vitály, Vitéz, Vitézy, Vitták, Vittus, Vitulay, Vitzez, Vizer, Vizkelethy, Vizközy, Vizy, Vladár, Vlasics, Vlkolinszky, Vlkovics, Vogel, Vogelgesang, Vogh, Vogl, Vojakowsky, Voick, Voidl, Volckamer, Volckher, Vödrédy, Vörös, Vörösmarthy, Voxith, Vrana, Vranay, Vrankovics, Vranovics, Vratarics, Vratkovich, Vrla, Vukmerovics, Vukovics, Vydlicskay


Wabell, Wabler, Wagi, Wagner, Walasek, Waldstein, Walgon, Wallbrunn, Walterskirchen, Walther, Walticher, Wancker, Wandl, Wanner, Wanyéczy, Warathkay, Warck, Warday, Warínyi, Wartberger, Wartholdt, Wass, Wassertrinker, Watera, Watery, Wattay, Watter, Waxmann, Waxgiesser, Wayay, Weber, Weghrény, Weidinger, Weidner, Weigmann, Weich, Weinczer, Weindinger, Weiner, Weingruber, Weinling, Weinnig, Weinperger, Weinpfsaurer, Weis, Weisprach, Weissbrodt, Wekerle, Welcsey, Welcsiczky, Weletzky, Weligrand, Welikey, Welles, Weltsch, Weltz, Wenger, Weninger, Wentzll, Wenzel, Wenzeleus, Werbay, Werneking, Werner, Wernhardt, Wernhartll, Wertner, Wesselényi, Westernacher, Wettich, Wettle, Weylend, Wezekény, Wiczián, Wid, Wideberger, Widemann, Wider, Widffy, Widman, Widmer, Wiedersberg, Wiech, Wieland, Wienner, Wierl, Wiernitzer, Wildt, Wilhelm, Willisth, Wimbsloh, Wimesperger, Windisch, Windt, Windter, Windpichler, Winer, Winkler, Winkelhoffer, Winterstein, Wirtz, Wiser, Wisner, Wiszlay, Witnyédy, Wittich, Wittinger, Wlacovsky, Wladislavensis, Wlassicz, Wlkovicz, Wobornik, Wöczehy, Wölcsey, Wolesch, Wolf, Wolfart, Wolfersdorf, Wolffay, Wolffi, Wolfinger, Wolfsperger, Wollich, Wollmuth, Wollusch, Wolphius, Wötzlsperg, Woysko, Wragassy, Wrancsics, Wranovics, Wrazda, Wüdtman, Wukoy, Wulpacher, Wunderlich, Wündschier, Würffbein, Wurmb, Wurter, Würtzler, Wutzansky


Zabaffy, Zabanius, Záblathy, Záblatszky, Zabo, Záborszky, Záboynik, Zabreczky, Zaczeckh, Zádory, Zaffiry, Zágonyi, Záhorák, Záhorszky, Zahronszky, Zacharias, Zaicz, Zainer, Zakall, Zakalossy, Zakányi, Zákmardy, Zalai, Zalay, Zallnpaum, Zalusinus, Zaluszky, Zamaria, Zamaróczy, Zambo, Zámory, Zampach, Zanathy, Zannger, Zapf, Zaporszky, Zárjeczky, Zarka, Záthureczky, Zauner, Zavisch, Závodszky, Závody, Zawary, Zawasky, Zawellmann, Zay, Zäch, Zbanovszky, Zbisko, Zeidlhuber, Zeiser, Zelcznik, Zeleméry, Zelenay, Zeléssy, Zelinka, Zelkhing, Zellhoffer, Zely, Zentál, Zeörény, Zepper, Zepsy, Zerdahelyi, Zergeli, Zergény, Zermegh, Zerotin, Zgurics, Zchubicsay, Zibák, Ziegler, Zier, Zichy, Zilády, Zilavy, Zily, Zimány, Zimmerman, Zingiesser, Zirrer, Ziska, Zistler, Zitkovszky, Zlabinger, Zlatári, Zlatarics, Zlatinay, Zlatovszky, Zlinszky, Zlosenith, Zmertics, Zmeskal, Znaimer, Znika, Zobell, Zohory, Zoldy, Zolnay, Zombory, Zomor, Zongor, Zorkóczy, Zorn, Zrínyi, Zrubko, Zsambokréthy, Zsarnóczay, Zsaskowczky, Zsebey, Zschenaus, Zsenger, Zsigárdy, Zsile, Zsilkay, Zsille, Ztanko, Ztenichniaky, Ztuparich, Zubeck, Zummer, Zürckh, Zuschretter, Zweig, Zwickelsdorfer